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Lol, I love the united headturn.

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"…If there’s a wish that you want granted, and it’s something that I’m capable of fulfilling, I’ll do my best! I’ll work my hardest and do my best! So please, tell me!"

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Now I can die in peace
for now my life is blessed.

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“I’ll always be right here”


“I’ll always be right here”

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Pretend I’m Merida. Speak to me!

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LMAO oh Arie, you’re so adorable. If things with Emily don’t work out, please come and date me instead. I’d willingly go out with you~ 

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Been watching and catching up with Chuck a lot lately, and I totally fell in love with these two! >w< They’re now one of my biggest OTPs ever~ 

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Because with Pegasus is not enough.

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Can you feel the things I feelRight now, with youTake my handThere’s a world I need to know
Can you feel the things I feel
Right now, with you
Take my hand
There’s a world I need to know

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Click to follow this blog, you will be so glad you did!

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